10 Feb – Statement No 2 on Flooding from Wickhambreaux Parish Council

Further update report on the water issues from Wickhambreaux Parish Council.

The Environment Agency and ourselves are continuing to deal with the current water situation. The Nailbourne is unfortunately still rising and ground water springs are having a major effect as well.

Over the last three days we have had 20mm of rain and the whole region is under a lot of pressure.

We have distributed over 500 sandbags throughout the villages with a first class service being provided by Canterbury City Council. We would like to thank David Lodge for his help and co-operation. Please contact Martin Twyman should you require any sandbags.

The weather forecast for the coming week predicts continuing unsettled conditions and is being closely monitored.

To our knowledge there are at least two properties that have been flooded.

The Grove Ferry road is now closed. In the next two days the road between Grove and Preston will be closed as water is already across the road in several places.

The bypass channel, which has been of great benefit, is now taking as much volume as the river.

Martin Twyman has taken a proactive role liaising between the relevant bodies, and he has been heavily involved in a recent meeting comprising of eleven other parishes, the Environment Agency, Southern Water and Canterbury City Council. It was a constructive meeting with local views put across clearly. He and other local knowledgeable residents were able to put the views across, issues that they have been speaking out about for years. This was a very useful platform for local views to be expressed and debated. We hope this will lead to improved water management for the area in due course.

Please be assured we are continuing to do our utmost in these challenging times and thank the residents for their level-headed approach and assistance.

Contact Numbers if required:
Environment Agency Emergency Floodline number 0845 9881188
Southern Water 0845 2780845
Martin Twyman 07889 120274