Further update report on the water issues from Wickhambreaux Parish Council.

  • The Environment Agency and ourselves are continuing to deal with the current water situation. The Nailbourne has stabilised but ground water springs are still having a major effect.
  • Over the last six days we have had 38mm of rain and Wickhambreaux, Ickham, Littlebourne and Grove are still under a lot of pressure. Unfortunately the Grove area is seeing waters rising substantially at 3 inches a day due to the overtopping of the Great Stour and now overtopping from the Little Stour at the Blue Bridge area. Some houses are under threat from floodwater in the Grove area.
  • As you will be aware sandbags have been distributed by local helpers, Canterbury City Council, and the army, over the last four days and this has been greatly appreciated.
  • Over Friday and Saturday we had major problems with the Black Hole Dyke and the Seaton river area and our thanks go to the quick thinking and actions of the local residents, the Environment Agency, Canterbury City Council and army, whose quick response alleviated the situation.
  • We have been trying to get a road closed/access only sign at Wickhambreaux since last Wednesday, to warn people there is no way through once you reach Grove.
  • The bypass channel, the Black Hole Dyke and the Little Stour volumes have been synchronised with the whole area in mind. There have been a few isolated incidents involving sewage escaping from manholes and Southern Water has dealt with this.
  • Obviously levels are still critical and with little rain forecast for the next three days we hope that they will hold, excluding the Grove area. The Grove area will still feel the effects of the volume of water moving down the Great Stour and the state of the river itself for several days to come.
  • The Grove Ferry and Grove to Preston roads remain closed, as do Drill Lane and Wickham Road to Ickham.

Please be assured we are continuing to do our utmost in these challenging times and thank the residents for their level-headed approach and assistance.

Contact Numbers if required:
Environment Agency Emergency Floodline number 0845 9881188
Southern Water 0845 2780845
KCC Highways 03000 418181
Martin Twyman 07889 120274