• Following heavy rain yesterday and overnight there is concern about levels in the Stour and Nailbourne over this weekend and these are being closely monitored by the council and Environment Agency.
  • There has been further minor flooding at villages along the Nailbourne overnight from groundwater and the bourne. We have engineers out responding to calls and carrying out any work that is required.
  • There was further flooding of Brewery Lane in Bridge. To try and reduce this, a sandbag channel will be built this afternoon to take water across the High Street from Brewery Lane and into the Nailbourne. The High Street will remain open but motorists are urged to slow down when driving through the water.
  • As a result of the concern about water levels, we have now had the offer of assistance from the military. In order to ensure the fullest protection of people and property, this offer has been accepted. People may therefore start seeing soldiers out and about in villages along the Stour and Nailbourne and the section of the Stour through the city. Their role is to help with any sandbag placement required and to provide reassurance to the public. This morning we have around 3,000 sandbags ready to be deployed if necessary.
  • It should be stressed that at this stage the work of the military is a precautionary measure. We are aware people may be concerned at seeing soldiers on the streets but we want to reassure residents that the weather forecast has improved and the danger of further flooding is manageable by the measures put in place and the resources available.
  • The expected peak of the Stour through the district is around midday tomorrow (Sunday).
  • The council’s emergency room is open. Emergency staff rotas have been prepared and we have enough staff to call on should we require more.
  • Emergency room contacts are 01227 862310 and