• Today has been a drier day with some heavy showers. We have seen some flooding from the Little Stour and engineers have been working to resolve this.
  • As you may have seen on the local BBC news this evening, the army have been out and about helping the effort in villages along the Nailbourne and Stour. Here’s a good write up by the Kentish Gazette:
  • The army has been of great assistance and their help has been much appreciated in areas such as placing sandbags and reassuring the public.
  • The level of the Stour and Nailbourne is still of some concern and the situation is being monitored closely in the run up to tomorrow’s peak in Canterbury at around midday. We still have the army available to us tomorrow if required.
  • Work to build the sandbag channel at Bridge went ahead and is operating successfully.
  • Public meetings in the church in Bridge continue to be well attended and appreciated. The 4pm meeting today was attended by around 60 local people.
  • The forecast for tomorrow is to be dry and sunny and for the week ahead to be unsettled but not on the level seen recently.
  • The emergency phone line 01227 862310 is still in operation.