7 Feb – Flooding Update

7 Feb – Flooding Update 

Up to date report on the water issues from Wickhambreaux Parish Council.

The Environment Agency has been very pro-active and very good dealing with the water issues around our Parish. We have been in daily contact with the Environment Agency and we have been closely monitoring levels from Wickham Lane, Nargate Street, Wickhambreaux Mill Sluice, Little Stour through the village and also the flow of the river to the Blue Bridge out to Stourmouth and the water levels at Grove Ferry.

The last rain on 6 February was 25mm and this has brought the levels up very high. Obviously the whole region is under a lot of pressure.

The sandbags have been delivered regularly wherever required through the co-ordination of Martin Twyman (07889 120274). He has had a sandbag bank and is replacing those when required, through liaising with Canterbury City Council who have provided a first class service delivering the sandbags promptly.

The weather forecast for this coming weekend is not good and obviously there are going to be some issues but we are dealing with it day by day.

The road to Grove Ferry is likely to be closed in the next couple of days due to the overtopping of the Great Stour.

Remember in the event of a possible power cut to have alternative sources of light and heat to hand where possible.

Keep tuned to local radio – BBC Radio Kent 104.2fm for weather conditions and road updates.

We are doing our utmost in these challenging times and appreciate the level-headed approach taken by the residents in spite of their worries.

If anyone has particular concerns the Environment Agency Emergency Floodline number is 0845 9881188