9 Feb – Flooding update

Sewerage is now backing up in gardens in Wickhambreaux and in the Street a manhole is overflowing. W’breaux PC are on the case and trying to get a pump there asap. In the meantime please DO NOT use any unnecessary appliances. E.g. washings machines. Also be as economic as you can with toilet flushing.

A resident did laminate a NO PARKING sign last night to keep the overflowing manhole clear. Unfortunately someone has now parked right over the manhole. So when the pump arrives, there will be another problem of accessing the manhole. Residents are trying to find out who the car belongs to. If you own a Black Volkswagen and it is parked in the street….please remove it immediately. Or, if you know who it belongs to please ask them to remove it. UPDATE Sunday 11am The car has now been removed.