Canterbury district – flooding update: 10.30am, Thursday 13 February

Today’s flooding update for you following this morning’s strategic meetings.

The closure of the road in Bridge has been brought forward to between 10am and midday today to allow the new pumps to be installed as quickly as possible.

The bus shelter in Bridge high street is to be fully dismantled to make the pumping effort easier.

Nailbourne levels are still rising slowly. The water table is now considered to be at its maximum level so there are concerns about further groundwater flooding.

The public information centre is still operational in Bridge, with daily meetings at 10am and 4pm. Yesterday afternoon’s was well attended and there was praise for the information being provided and the ongoing effort in the village. The information leaflets will be updated as and when required.

Door knocking to check on vulnerable people in Bridge is continuing.

Options to try and reduce water levels in Brewery Lane are still being considered.

A civil enforcement officer (traffic warden) is being sent to Bridge to help with traffic management as required.

The weather forecast today is for occasional light showers. Up to 16mm is predicted for Friday and close attention is being paid to the forecast.

There are no particular concerns about the Stour at the moment but given tomorrow’s forecast, known problem areas are being monitored.

The council’s emergency room remains open. Call on 01227 862310 or email Updates are being posted at and on Facebook and Twitter.