Further update report on the water issues from Wickhambreaux Parish Council – hopefully this is the last one!

The Environment Agency and ourselves are continuing to deal with the remaining water concerns. Over the last 14 days there has been a substantial drop in the river levels. The pumps at Stourmouth will be removed now that the water volume has returned to a level the pumping station can cope with.

Both the Grove Roads – to Preston and to Grove Ferry – are now fully operational, even though some signs have not been taken away yet.


Sandbags along river banks and other watercourses: The Environment Agency wants these to remain in place for the time being, as water levels are still high enough to return to a critical state in the event of further significant rainfall.

What to do with sandbags in your possession after the flooding:

Your options:

  1. Retain them, but keep them stored and covered with dark material (the covers can degrade)
  2. Use the sand for your own purposes (but not for children’s play and not if the sand has come into contact with contamination)


3.         Return them to the City Council: Serco will collect them during the week beginning April 7th either from your front door or a prominent place, or if you have a pallet, please load them in layers of 10 x 5 high. If you have any questions, please contact Councillor Martin Twyman.

In the near future we will be reviewing, in some depth, all that has gone on with regards to the flooding problems. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their co-operation during a very difficult period.

Contact Numbers if required:

Environment Agency Emergency Floodline number 0845 9881188

Southern Water 0845 2780845

KCC Highways 03000 418181

Martin Twyman 07889 120274